Style Sheet

The information contained in this style sheet is based on The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th Edition. Please refer to the Manual or feel free to call the Review should you have further style questions.


  1. The entire manuscript must be typed fully double-spaced throughout (including bibliography, quoted or set-off text, lists, and any notes). Do not insert additional spacing between sections.
  2. Heads, subheads, text, and endnotes should be printed in the same typeface and type size. Head should be bold and centered; subheads should be bold and left justified.
  3. Avoid excessive usage of quotation marks with single words or short phrases that do not come from sources cited in the endnotes.
  4. Throughout the text, as well as in the endnotes, dates should be written in the following format: 15 July 1992 (day month year with no punctuation following the year unless appropriate).
  5. Please follow the guidelines for use of ellipses on pages 292-96 of the Chicago Manual.
  6. When using a dash (-), do not insert a space before or after the dash.
  7. Whole numbers from one through ninety-nine are spelled out, as well as those followed by hundred, thousand, or million. Numbers such as percentages or physical quantities should be expressed as figures. Within a paragraph or a series of paragraphs, however, a number category that is spelled out should remain so throughout, as should figures. For example:

    In the past ten years fifteen new buildings have been erected. In one block a 103-story office building rises between two old apartment houses only 3 and 4 stories high. (Chicago Manual, 8.8, p. 234)

  8. Please note the following format in the text and endnotes with inclusive numbers:
First Number Second Number Examples
Less than 100 Use all digits 3-10; 71-72
100 or multiple of 100           Use all digits 100-104; 600-613; 1100-1123
101 through 109
(in multiples of 100)    
Use changed part only,
omitting unneeded zeros
107-8; 505-17; 1002-6
110 through 199
(in multiples of 100)
Use two digits, or more as needed. 321-25; 415-532; 11564-68; 13792-803
4 digits But if numbers are four digits long and three digits change, use all digits     1496-1504; 2787-2816

(Chicago Manual, 8.67, p. 244)


  1. Double space endnotes, with no additional spacing between endnotes.
  2. Do not abbreviate months, except in the publication section for books.
  3. Book Citation

    John Q. Smith et al., Urban Turmoil: The Politics of Hope (Gaithersburg, MD: Polis Publishing Co., 1964), 109. Note: a little-known city should be followed by the state abbreviation.

  4. Chapter from a Book Citation

    Laura Beal, "Dearest Rev'd Mother," in Florence Nightingale and Her Era, ed. Vern Bullough, Bonnie Bullough, and Harry Merger (New York and London: Garland Press, 1990), 145-49.

  5. Reprints

    David Stafford, Britain and European Resistance, 1940-1945 (1950; reprint, Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1980), 90. Note: Always include date of publication, and reprint date when applicable; if information is unattainable, please attach a note to the editor.

  6. Editions

    David Stafford, Britain and European Resistance, 1940-1945, 5th ed. (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1980), 90.

  7. Series

    Arthur H. R. Fairchild, Shakespeare and the Arts of Design, University of Missouri Studies, vol.12 (Columbia, 1937), 104, 109.

  8. Volume Citations

    David Stafford, Britain and European Resistance, 1940-1945 (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1980), 2:90. Note: There is no space between the volume, colon, or page number.

  9. Journal Article Citations

    Alice Small, "Recollections of Nursing in the 1930s," History of Nursing Society Journal 3, no. 2 (January 1990): 34-35 (hereafter cited as HNSJ).

  10. Archives Citations

    Mary Jones to Florence Nightingale, 31 May 1866, Nightingale Collection, British Library ADD MSS 47,744, ser. 90, box 1, folder 14, p. 34 (hereafter cited as BL).

  11. Public Document Citations

    United Kingdom, British Library, Saint John's House, Tracts 1855-76 London III (Year), page number.

  12. Printed Collection Citations

    EBW to Harold Ross, interoffice memo, 2 May 1946, Letters of E.B. White, ed. Dorothy Lobrano Guth (New York: Harper and Row, 1976), 273.

  13. Use of hereafter: When citing a particular journal or archive collection more than two times, the first citation should include all pertinent information followed by "(hereafter cited as XXX)." The XXX can be the initials of the title of a journal or the initials of a collection. For example:

    First citing: Mary Jones to Florence Nightingale, 31 May 1866, Nightingale Collection, British Library ADD MSS 47,744, ser. 90, box 1, folder 14, p. 34 (hereafter cited as NC, BL).
    Subsequent citing: Sir John to Florence Nightingale, 25 April 1866, NC, BL ADD MSS 47,746, ser. 91, box 1, folder 25, p. 2.

  14. When citing from a previously cited source, list the sources' last name, shortened title, and the page number. For example, the shortened form of C) would be: Smith et al., Urban Turmoil, 5.

rev. 1998

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