School of Nursing, University of Virginia
September 30 - October 2, 1984
Charlottesville, Virginia

Paper Presentations

The Simmons-Harvard graduate program in public health nursing 1954-1962: A short-lived success. Janet L. Golden, PhD; Francis C. Wood Institute for College of Physicians of Philadelphia.

The Yale Experiment: The public health movement and nursing education. Sydney D. Krampitz, PhD, RN; University of Kansas School of Nursing.

Women, nursing and nurse practitioners: Their historical relationship to family and private property. Suzanne R. Langner, MS, RN; Doctoral Candidate, School of Nursing, University of Illinois, Chicago.

Professionalizing nurses as "New Women": A comparison of American nurse leaders with other women professionals, 1890-1920. Susan Armeny, PhD; University of Missouri-Columbia.

Oral History. Shirley Fondiller, EdD, RN; Rush University School of Nursing; & Marguerite Lucy Manfreda, MA,RN

Historical Resources: Ways to begin. Laurie Glass, PhD, RN; School of Nursing, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; & Olga Maranjian Church, PhD, RN; Director, Midwest Nursing History Resource Center, University of Illinois-Chicago.

The practice of nursing in the Civil War. Rosemary T. McCarthy, DNSc, RN, FAAN. Catholic University of America.

Developing the Historical Context: Time and theory as issues for the historiographer. Wanda C. Hiestand,EdD, RN; School of Nursing, Pace University.

Where do visions come from? Richard Olding Beard and the University of Minnesota School of Nursing. Brenda H. Canedy, PhD, RN; & M. Isabel Harris, PhD, RN; School of Nursing, University of Minnesota.

The funding of nursing education, a historical perspective: 1900-1984. Joyce Johnson, MS, RN; Doctoral Candidate School of Nursing, University of Illinois, Chicago.

A backward glance for a forward look: Historical perspectives of master' seducation in nursing. Janie Brown Nowak, EdD, RN; College of Nursing, Villanova University.

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